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BGA Assembly

Asian Circuits has immense experience and proficiency in Ball Grid Array Assembly (BGA). Our production house is well-equipped with sophisticated BGA placement equipment and X-ray inspection equipment. Over the years, we have formulated an extensive BGA assembly process that has helped to produce BGA circuit boards with exceptional yield rates and of superior quality in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Optimizing Thermal Profiles

In order to maintain a superior quality of BGA assembly processes, our production team starts the process by optimizing the thermal profile, which is a significant step in the BGA assembly process. Our engineers will evaluate your PCB files, BGA datasheets, BGA size, and ball material composition (leaded or lead-free) in a comprehensive manner. The thermal profile is optimized by localizing interior BGA heating to avoid spaces in large BGA sizes. Our team makes sure that the void is less than 25 percent of the complete solder ball diameter by means of IPC Class II inspection standards. Lead-free BGA assembly applications go through a specific lead-free thermal profile to prevent open-ball issues, which are generally a result of lower temperatures. Conversely, leaded BGA assembly applications are passed through particular leaded process to prevent higher temperatures from causing pin shorts.

On receiving your turn-key circuit board assembly order, your board design will be thoroughly evaluated for both BGA and Design for Manufacturing (DFM) assembly, which includes examining your requirements for PCB material, surface finish, maximum warpage, and solder mask clearance.

Evaluations for BGA soldering, BGA Rework, and Reballing

Asian Circuits provides a BGA soldering service for the testing and assessment of BGA rework and reballing jobs. This service is even used when a customer requires a small number of BGAs or fine-pitch components assembled on prototype circuit boards.

Our BGA rework assures that no damage will occur on the reworked PCBs.

X-Ray Inspections

X-ray inspection equipment is generally used to identify soldering defects such as paste bridging and inadequate ball melting in the BGA assembly process. Our technicians use X-ray analysis software to compute the solder ball's gap size, so as to make sure that it meets the IPC Class II standard. Our team even undertakes 2D X-ray tests to get 3D images to check issues such as broken vias on the PCB's inner layers or cold solder joints in BGA balls.

Inquiries and Quotes

To get a quote for a future BGA assembly order, inclusive of rework, reballing or soldering, please forward your requirement to