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Asian Circuits Inc. provides economical, turn-key, Electronic assembly services with capabilities in fabrication, procurement and assembly. It serves a wide variety of industries in North America with headquarters in Sacramento, California, United States, and manufacturing facilities in China, which are ISO9001-certified, and IPC-A-600 and IPC-A-610 compliant.

Asian Circuits provides full- and partial-turnkey PCB assembly services. Full-turnkey includes PCB fabrication, procurement, online ordering, final assembly and testing. Partial turnkey allows the customer to procure the parts while Asian Circuits handles fabrication and electronic assembly. It has extensive capabilities in Board assembly and fabrication some of which include THD, SMT, and Mixed, as well as 2-sided SMT and THD. It can handle runs up to 5,000 boards with turnaround times of 1-5 days for partial turn-key and 10-16 days for full turn-key. Featured on the Asian Circuits website is an instant calculator for PCB fabrication and/or Electronics assembly.

Asian Circuits is an expert in surface mount (SMT) prototyping and low-volume Electronic assembly using manual or automatic SMD techniques. It can assemble single- and double-sided PCBs including, BGA, QFN, SOIC, PLCC, QFP, uBGA and POP, and minute chip packages with a pitch of 0.2 mm (8 mils) or larger. It can assemble chip packages as small as 0201 for passive parts. It uses Design for Manufacturing testing to ensure problem-free assembly. By matching the soldering process to the design and reflowing the SMT soldering, it achieves maximum productivity. For solder joint quality, X-ray inspection is utilized.

Asian Circuits has extensive experience in Ball Grid Array Assembly (BGA). Its facilities have state-of-the-art BGA placement and X-ray inspection equipment. To obtain high yield rates with superior quality, the thermal profile is optimized and ensures the void is less than 25 percent of the complete solder ball diameter. Turnkey assembly orders are evaluated with BGA and Design for Manufacturing (DFM) services, which includes Printed Circuit Board material, surface finish, maximum warpage, and solder mask clearance. Asian Circuits offers a soldering service for testing and assessment of BGA rework and reballing orders. X-ray inspection is used to identify soldering defects.

Asian Circuits provides Pb-free soldering including, PCBs, Rework, SMT / THA Circuit Board Assembly, Wave Soldering and Materials Analysis. The Pb-free soldering service complies with lead-free and RoHS PCB standards, and covers the choice of solder alloy, solder paste verification, wave solder flux checking, design rules, accuracy, tools inspection, quality checking, and assembly costs. It's also capable of through-hole and manual/wire soldering of lead-free PCBs. It verifies the BOM meets the lead-free PCB fabrication requirements as per standards. When requested, Asian Circuits can procure lead-free parts for customers as a value-added service for turn-key, lead-free, mid- to high-volume assembly.