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Asian Circuits firmly believes the privacy as a right for all and accordingly we safeguard the solitude of our workforce, our clients and of the people who use our web sites. Below are the steps taken by us for safeguarding your privacy during your visit to


The main objective of is to serve as a source of comprehensive information so as to guide the users in knowing more about Asian Circuits products and services. As such, we don't anticipate of collecting any sensitive information through this site. Though, we would gather personal details on voluntarily submission to us. We have developed our website in a way that it gives a chance to our client, to get in touch with us via web form and inform technical problems by means of their web browser. The information received through the forms is used to educate the users about the company details along with resolving the technical problems. In case the users are not interested for any future messages: can opt out through "Opting Out" section which is mentioned below in detail.

Our website is technologically geared to pull together non-personal details via our internet access logs. When the is accessed, a non-personal facts i.e. the user's IP address is automatically captured and accumulated in our Internet access log files. Usually, an IP address and the additional particulars saved in the logs - is not regarded as individual specific information.


Asian Circuits adopts all preventive measures to safeguard the user's information. The sensitive details submitted by our consumers through our website, is carefully safeguarded both online and offline. The most excellent encryption software SSL shields the sensitive information such as credit card number by encrypting it, which is provided by the customers through our forms on the website. When the client is on a secure page, such as the order form, the padlock icon on the bottom of the client's browser (Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer) is disabled.


Cookies are tiny pieces of records that will send it to your workstation so as to be familiar that you are distinctive user of the site. There are certain cookies with us to recover specific details earlier provided by our customer to 7pcbassembly so that the client can avoid re-entering every time he visits the site. Acceptance of a cookie will not obstruct your privacy or the safety of your PC, but on other hand it will help you to make proper use of our website. Only on the receipt of explicit information from our client will enable to know him; although we assign the cookie for the browser on their computer. Please note that the browser's ability to store cookies can be de-activated at any preferred time by way of changing browser's preference settings.


We scrutinize the data that we gather, so as to decide the most efficient changes to be made to our site and also develop a system for improvising it. Unless and until the legal requirement, we prohibit disclosing any individual specific details and also not sell, rent, loan, trade or lease any information to any other known or unknown party.

However, along with any dealing, Asian Circuits, or parts of it, may require to be sold or merged. Such sale or merger may normally consist of a sale of our client list, as it is an asset of our business. The client list comprises of individual specific information. In case of an anticipated change of ownership, will intimate the clients via email minimum 30 days prior to immediate earlier date planned for the transfer of assets. The notice will notify the clients that they can withdraw their details from our database. On receipt of the client confirmation before the modification of ownership date, the customer will be deleted from the database before the change of ownership.


Our website provides an alternative to our customers for deleting their details from our records. In such case, please notify Asian Circuits via email at to stop any future communications.


These website also give the opportunity to alter or revise the facts which are formerly provided to Asian Circuits. For any change or updating the information, an email has to be sent to for notification purpose. LINKS TO OTHER SITES Our site consists of various links which route to different sites. This privacy notice is for the sole intention and aim of This is to notify that Asian Circuits will not be accountable for any privacy practices or the contents relating to third party websites. We recommend you to understand the privacy statements of all web sites that collate your private details.


We modify our policies and procedures periodically to accommodate latest features of These modifications will be posted notably so that the customer is well aware of the information we collated, the usage of it by us, and our intention of disclosing it to third parties.


We are not fond of constant SPAMS just like you so we follow best practices by limiting our emails for valuable and motivating information. Additionally, if you begin dealing with us by placing an order, there will be regular co-ordination with you by means of email all through the process. Well this is aimed to develop long lasting business relationships and there is no option to opt out of it.

We send emails of other kinds at regular intervals such as newsletters, special offers, announcements or notifications. If you wish to opt out from receiving emails from us, then while registering or sending mail intimation to, you can de-activate this facility of receiving newsletters, particular offers or common announcements. Sometimes the warnings will cover details about your account or your capability to continue to use the site. In such rare cases, you might still receive email notifications from us.